The difference between silicone bracelet screen printing and die printing

We all know that silica gel products are green and environmentally friendly products and are very popular in European and American countries. however, some silica gel products need to make some logos or patterns on the outer surface, which can leave a certain impression on consumers to deepen their understanding of the product brand. I believe many people will ask their customers whether they want to choose silk screen printing or die printing when customizing silica gel products. many friends do not know the difference between the two. below we will introduce the difference between silk screen printing and die printing of silica gel products:
Screen printing is the latter stage of the process after the silica gel product is formed. screen printing mainly uses screen printing, which is different from oil printing and color printing. the main tools are screen printing and oil brush. screen printing is a pattern made of iron frame or wood frame, and this pattern is the pattern to be screen printed onto the silica gel product. During silk-screen printing of products, align the screen plate with the plane that the product needs to be printed, and apply ink on the screen plate. the ink will leak from the gap of the screen plate pattern onto the silica gel product to form the corresponding pattern. And then put it into a baking box for drying. the temperature should not be too high. according to the different products, the time and temperature of the general baking are also different. Compared with die printing, screen printing can make slightly complicated patterns and can also carry out multi-color printing.
Die printing is much simpler than silk screen printing. die printing does not need the second process to complete. it can be formed directly with the product at one time. die printing can only be done with some simple patterns, such as logo, which can be formed directly through the die. Screen printing and die printing are also different in processing cost. relatively speaking, the cost of screen printing is much higher. considering the cost, the selection of the two can make different choices according to the complexity of the drawing.