What problems will occur during production

How is silica gel produced and processed? What are some minor problems that consumers do not know about silica gel? Is there any poison in silica gel products? Is the production environment clean? Facing these questions and answers from the current silica gel consumers, we will take you to a preliminary understanding of the basic knowledge and problems in the production of silica gel.
First, waste raw materials from the preferred silica gel manufacturer cannot be recycled to produce silica gel products. they can only be used for industrial rubber products. once finished products produced by molding and processing are scrapped, they can only be discarded and recycled as secondary production materials for rubber products.
Second, silica gel products are nonpoisonous, tasteless and transparent materials, so it is impossible to have the problem of dirty raw materials. in the process of making rubber, workers must clean their hands before they can mix and practice silica gel. therefore, consumers can use it with confidence, and there will never be any disorder in the raw materials.
Third, during the molding process, our staff must clean up the mold before pressing the mold. otherwise, the dirty quality on the mold will cause our silica gel products to become dirty during the production process, and once the dirty products are discarded directly, they will become defective products.
Fourth, some consumers definitely feel that the environment of the manufacturers producing silica gel products is definitely not good, and may feel that the production environment is very dirty. however, please rest assured that our workshop must clean up every day for the exchange of gold. if you clean up every day, it will not cause our residue to float on the mold and cause the mold to be damaged, or the product is not good, so we will clean up the side material every day. I hope this statement will not make consumers feel disgusted with the production environment.
In our production and processing, we will not careless production because of the rush of goods, resulting in the quality of many bad products not being guaranteed. we have strict requirements for the employees of the company: the ” safety first” quality is the second, the speed is the third, the time and the delivery period will be completed within the delivery period. at the same time, the quality will also be guaranteed.