What should you pay attention to when customizing silicone bracelet gifts?

A recent TV series showed that state-owned shops were very strong in the 1990s. they did not pay much attention to service to customers, but mainly relied on their own products. however, with the continuous development of the market economy, the service of state-owned shops could not keep up with the times. Now with the increasingly fierce market competition, the competition between enterprises and businesses is getting bigger and bigger.
At present, there is always a need for some merchants to do promotional activities for themselves, print some of their own information on some small gifts, and send it to customers for promotion. Only in this way can we promote our own brand. custom silicone bracelets are one of them. what should we pay attention to when customizing silicone bracelets?
First, when we are looking for suppliers, we must first find the manufacturer. we also need to pay attention to some details when finding the manufacturer. The quality of silicone gift produced by many manufacturers varies, and the silicone gifts produced by adding blue aurora vulcanizing machine to the mold will be of better quality.
Many factories use the traditional vulcanizing machine to heat up the plate of vulcanized silica gel, which will produce some inferior products. if the employees are responsible, they will help you trim the burrs. if they are not responsible, they will make do with it. Wancheng suggested that everyone visit each other’s factories first to see how the safety measures are done. factories that have reached a certain height of safety awareness will definitely not go badly.
Second, when customizing in silicone gift, the manufacturer must find a regular silica gel factory. All certificates must be complete, business license, safety management and production compliance certificate, iso 9001, and other environmental protection certificates in order to ensure the environmental protection and safety of their products in the market.
Mold opening technology, a good mold can ensure 90 % of the quality of a product. the mold opening level of the factory must be excellent. otherwise, the product quality will not pass, and any good research and development results will be wasted. the production capacity of the factory will keep up with that. if one day you develop and sell the product very well, but you can’t produce it, you have to wait a month for a single one, then mosquitoes will all sleep, and you must think twice in this respect.