What is the silicone bracelet luminous principle?

There is a silicone bracelet, unlike ordinary silicone bracelet, it may emit light at night. We often see in concert, festival, this bracelet is luminous hands silicone ring. This bracelet, color is also very nice, what luminous hands silicone ring light-emitting principle is it, you know?

One is a light-emitting electronic bracelet, glowing with battery battery runs out, for a battery can also light, as long as no damage to its original. Another chemiluminescent bracelet, also called fluorescence bracelet, by two chemicals, acid and alkali, chemical reaction occurs to emit light broken.
Bracelet emitting chemical substances consisting mainly of three kinds: peroxide-based compound and a fluorescent dye. Briefly, luminescent emission principle is bracelet peroxide and ester compounds react after the reaction the transfer of energy to a fluorescent dye, then the dye fluoresces.
Currently on the market common emission bracelet generally a glass sandwich is placed inside and outside the interlayer isolation and peroxide ester compounds, after rubbing, the reaction of the two compounds such that the light emitting fluorescent dyes.
Emitting bracelet non-toxic, harmless, useful broad emission products. Hao Sheng Silicone producing all kinds of light-emitting bracelet, can be used in a variety of large and small concerts, banquets, holiday parties and so on. Can be used as toys, decoration, munitions lighting, sea rescue, night fishing special flag signal and the light source, was generally welcomed. For example: bars, wedding, festival, the National Day of Easter, Christmas, New Year’s Day Carnival Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival.