Can silicone bracelet be stretched for a long time?

Silicone bracelets are a hot selling item of wearable products. they have been favored by consumers since they were sold. currently, silicone wearable bracelets in the market have different styles and effects. they have different shapes and colors for different consumers. of course, there are also different quality differences produced by different silicone bracelets suppliers. however, the problem of the deformed size of silicone bracelets has become distressing. many consumers are puzzled why the deformation of products with larger sizes will appear!
The silicone bracelet has a certain stretch, because the same silicone bracelet may be worn by people with different wrists and hands. the silicone bracelet can be worn into the wrists through a certain stretch. However, some silicone bracelets cannot be retracted after pulling. why is this?
The deformation phenomenon of products is for thin silicone bracelets. this phenomenon depends on self – protection. although the silicone material is a soft product, the deformation phenomenon is closely related to the storage and use of the product itself, especially due to long-term twists and turns, no elasticity after stretching, placement in inferior environment and other factors! Therefore, when wearing it, you still need to wear it properly and use it properly!
On the other hand, the most important problem is the quality of the process and material. many silicone products manufacturers make different products in different ways and processes, resulting in changes in the overall brittleness and tensile resilience of the products. therefore, the premise is to make high-quality silicone bracelets with good materials. in the process, it is necessary to cooperate with reasonable vulcanization time, and it is not possible to reduce the time and increase the temperature due to the rush of production capacity. this will often cause the products to appear deformed and soft and so on.
The most important reason is that the raw materials can directly solve many kinds of bad phenomena by solving the tensile resilience on the raw materials, and the tensile strength and resilience of the raw materials are two different properties, so the materials should have good tensile strength and rebound strength, while some materials only have good tensile strength but do not rebound, so the phenomenon that the deformation of the elastic products will not become larger will naturally occur when the products produced during the production period are stretched, while the products with good rebound do not necessarily have good tensile strength, and the use effect cannot be well solved!
The customized processing of silicone bracelets still needs to start with the raw materials. which material is needed to achieve the desired effect, the processing technology needs to be fixed, and the processing method cannot be changed at will to control the use performance of the product! The most important determinant is the influence of silica gel material.