How to clean the silicone wristband?

It’s hard to avoid getting dirty and have a lot of bacteria in the process of wearing a silicone wristhanb for a long time, so it should be cleaned in time so that it can look more comfortable. In the process of cleaning, only if really grasp the right way, and then we can have a better result, which is very important to everyone. Now I would like to explain to you how to clean it.

In the cleaning time of silicone bracelet, we can put it to soak in the water, it is best to choose warm water. When the water is hot, it is easy to cause deformation or cause quality problems, so it is in warm water, but not too long, three minutes to five minutes is the best. Then we took it gently rub a few times, so that you can put in a cool place to dry.If there is glue or sticky stains on the bracelet, use cotton swab stick a little oil evenly on the bracelet, with a small toothbrush for cleaning, so you can go to the stubborn stains.Also it is suggested that you dry the ring with dry rag. Blow dry with a cold wind in a blower

Some of the silicone bracelet is relatively dirty, but also stains, it is difficult to clean, then you can use some detergent for cleaning up slightly at this time, it will become very clean. Note that we must rinse with water on the surface of the bracelet detergent, or for a long time it will cause corrosion, it is also very unfavorable for the quality.

Time to do the cleaning work of silicone bracelet bracelet to ensure clean, looks very comfortable, give people the feeling of take on an altogether new aspect. In the process of cleaning, according to the above method, and then air in a cool and ventilated place, do not insolate in the sun,  otherwise it is easy to change color or some problems of damage if too long in the sun.