How to make a good quality silicone wristband?

1. The silica gel is mixed with the curing agent evenly. The appearance of the mold silica gel is A flowing liquid, the component A is silica gel, and the component B is the curing agent. Example: take 100 grams of silica gel, add 2 grams of curing agent (note: silicone and curing agent must stir well, if there is no uniform mixing, the mould will be a piece of has solidified, a no cure, silica gel can appear uneven drying curing condition will affect the service life of the die and the silicone mold number, and even cause mold scrapped.
2, vacuum exhaust bubble processing: after silicone and curing agent mix, vacuum exhaust bubble link, vacuumizing time shoulds not be too long, under normal circumstances, not more than ten minutes, vacuum time is too long, the silicone curing immediately, the crosslinking, make the silicone piece by piece, cannot besmear to brush or infusions, thus wasting the silica gel, can only put silica gel in the trash, to take silica gel to do again.
3. Painting or operation process: the silica gel that has been emptied through bubbles shall be coated or injected. Pour over the product (note: the product or model to be copied before pouring silica gel must be moulded or separated). Then the silica gel is coated on the product, and the coating must be even. After 30 minutes, a layer of gauze fiber cloth is pasted to increase the strength and tension of the silica gel. Then apply a layer of silica gel and a layer of gauze, so that you can do it twice. Only in this way, the service life of the opened silicone mold and the number of mold turns are relatively much improved, which can save costs and improve efficiency.
4, external mold production: general methods and materials is to mold all round, with rubber plate or wood, used a plaster will die ark filled is ok, another way of using resin coating, coating a layer of a layer of glass fiber cloth paste resin, stick, besmear again again repeated two or three layer, can complete the die mould.
5, die or perfusion die operation method: filling mould or filling mould, is used to compare smooth or simple products, no save work line to save time, would you want to copy product or model, with plastic board or glass plate that will be a vacuum of silica gel directly into the products above, after being dry silica gel forming, take out the products, mould is molding (note: perfusion model generally adopts the hardness of soft silicone to do die, so release more easily, does not damage the inside of the silicone mold products).
6. Operation method of segmented molds or laminated molds: apply the vacuum silicone gel to the coating or perfusion method. If you are doing the mold piece or divided using besmear to brush, besmear brushs the you want to copy product or model before besmear to brush a layer of mold release agents or isolation agent, and then put the silica gel coating on product (note: be sure to besmear to brush evenly) waiting for 30 minutes, to stick on the surface of a layer of gauze or glass fiber weft cloth to increase strength, and then after besmear to brush the second silica gel and silica gel dry, to do mold, outer mold can use gesso or resin material.