Will silicone bracelets fade?

Will silicone bracelets fade? In fact, silicone bracelets rarely fade! With the prosperity of silicone bracelets, people have higher and higher requirements on the specifications of silicone bracelets. however, there are still some silicone bracelets with specification problems in the market, such as the logo printed on the bracelets is easy to fade or fall off. So what is the problem with silicone bracelet fading? How to do if the bracelet fades? This is caused by the material of silica gel itself. in the process of producing silica gel bracelets, a series of changes have taken place in the molecular structure of silica gel during the process of vulcanization – oil pressure – forming. this change has turned silica gel molecules into inert molecules, not kissing and other molecular structures, thus causing difficulties in the printing of silica gel bracelets and fading after printing.
Then those who have done silica gel products should have encountered the problem that silk screen printing is difficult on the surface of silica gel. So how can we improve this kind of defect? We can carry out some micro-treatment on the silica gel bracelet before printing logo characters or patterns, such as ion surface treatment, which is beneficial to activating molecules on the surface of the silica gel bracelet, making it easier to associate molecules with other structures, and making it more adhesive, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing the printed logo from falling and fading.